Hannya Shawky

Her passion for the legal profession, combined with her drive and commitment to her clients defines her style.  A lawyer who does not give up until she has achieved what her client needs. She sets high standards for herself, enabling her to achieve extraordinary results.

Her mode of operation can be characterised as pragmatic and energetic. She will set out by discussing the approach to the case with the client and all the required steps will be taken in short order.

As a result of her thorough legal knowledge and many years of experience, she usually immediately knows which approach is required in a new case. She quickly adapts her approach where needed and is always thoroughly prepared. 

In mediation cases she quickly gets to the core of the dispute and helps people  find a solution that does justice to the interests of all those involved. Here, too, her approach is very pragmatic.

Hannya Shawky studied law in Utrecht, after which she then decided to start practising law. She has been practising  law since 1991 and acting as a mediator since 1997. She is a member of VFAS, the Dutch professional organisation of lawyers who have specialised in family law and divorce mediators.

She closely follows the legal developments within the legal fields in which she works, while continuously improving her other skills. 

Operating at a high level of expertise, she is very capable of handling legally and  financially complex cases, such as divorces of entrepreneurs and cases where the stakes are high, whether from a legal or a financial perspective.

She regularly assists expats and has a good grasp of international law. In addition to Dutch, she is also fluent in English (native speaker) and French, facilitating her work with expats.




Chamber of Commerce number: 55529097

VAT number: NL100120052B01

Telephone: +31 (0)20-5206252